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DiTech Creative & Digital Marketing helping brands tell impactful, visual stories in a way that demands engagement.

Video Marketing & Production Agency
At DiTech Creative & Digital Marketing, we help you uncover low-hanging video opportunities, leverage video across your digital marketing channels, and measure its success. From casting to scripting and production to optimization, DiTech Creative & Digital Marketing is your fully outsourced video marketing firm.

Video Marketing Strategy

We’ll make sure your Video Marketing Startegy is properly implemented and set up for success. We’ll upload it to the platforms that are most likely to reach your target audience, be it Youtube, social media to effectively attract viewers and help with its overall visibility and measuring its success against all of our agreed KPIs such as views, shares and likes.


Video & YouTube SEO

YouTube is a key channel for watching videos online. Whether your buyers are looking at funny cat videos or watching explanatory marketing videos, there are various types of ads you can show to targeted audiences based on the content our SEO expert will unlock massive amounts of SEO traffic to websites by using the best keywords and Meta information.


Content Plan & Scriptwriting

Content Plan is the most essential part of the planning stage where our experts will organize the creation of your video, and it all starts with a great creative brief. We’ll then move on to other aspects of the planning process, from storyboarding and scriptwriting to liaising with key stakeholders to ensure the shoot itself goes smoothly.


Video Production & Editing

Our experts will be on-site to provide creative art direction and make sure footage is filmed in a way that’s dynamic and engaging, as well as staying on top of continuity our Editors in post-production, we’ll make sure the video truly come to life through editing that tells your story in the best possible way.

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